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I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. Here are my many excuses as to why.

I didn’t really know what I was going to do when I left university. I wanted to get work in the industry but, I didn’t know how to do that and also I didn’t think that I was good enough. This is a massive problem for anyone who is finishing or on an animation course. You have to have confidence, otherwise no one will remember you or take you seriously enough to give you a job.

Here was my dilema when I left, companies that I looked at applying to wanted people with industry experience. I would love to get more industry experience as work experience, one company that I asked said that I could no longer get work experience with them because I was no longer a student (this was news to me as I wasn’t going to graduate untill September)

I also had the problem that I had to move back in with my parents (away from all animation companies) because I had spent all of my money and didn’t have a job. So I have now got a full time job as an Deputy Manager at a petrol station. This I have to stress is only temporary, as I just want to pay off my overdraft save up and make the move to Bristol/Manchester, where ever I can get work in the industry.

I am now thinking that I will be where I want to be eventually and I am going to have an adventure trying to get there. I think when I start sending my stuff out again I will be applying to anything that I feel comfortable doing. I may have to start off at the bottom making the teas, but if that what it takes its a lot less stressfull than most jobs.


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