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I’ve been busy working on a new website.



The following images are the making of, for  bunch of visuals to be projected behind a live performance created for Collision Films, Bristol.

Puppet armature design.


Lighting test.


The set is coming along.


Boat and rocks that have been primed ready for painting.




Studio and animation table.


Deadline the 20th of November

Forgotten has been chosen for the first annual stop motion animation festival, Montreal.

The last lecture I went to at University was an all day masterclass with Chris Hopewell and Barry Pervis. When I was little my mom would let me watch her VHS of the Aardman collection, which had Next on it a film by Barry I used to watch this tape over and over. This is where I got my love of animation. Of cousre back then I didn’t understand what it was about I just loved the movement. I got Barry to sign his book for me. He signed it ‘Dear Lorna, good luck out in the big wonderful world of stop motion’ which I thought was very sweet. Just before they left I showed my film to them. I am now so glad that I did, on leaving the hall Chris Hopewell turned to me in the corridor and told me to send my showreel and CV to Collision Films to get some work experience. So I did.

After a couple of months I got an email off Chris himself asking if I wanted to go down and work on an animated music video for Graham Coxon. So I got some time off work and drove down to Bristol and spent a few days in the woods animating a taxidermied bird. With these things you never know how much of your animation will end up in the final cut. However I am proud to say that I animated quite a few of the scences with the bird in Graham Coxon’s new video “dead bees”  Take a look

This came out on the 22nd on MTV!


This is a scene where I made the bird pick at a bone and sniff it a little.


Chris fixing something back on the bird. While  I was there the poor thing was broken 3 times.

I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. Here are my many excuses as to why.

I didn’t really know what I was going to do when I left university. I wanted to get work in the industry but, I didn’t know how to do that and also I didn’t think that I was good enough. This is a massive problem for anyone who is finishing or on an animation course. You have to have confidence, otherwise no one will remember you or take you seriously enough to give you a job.

Here was my dilema when I left, companies that I looked at applying to wanted people with industry experience. I would love to get more industry experience as work experience, one company that I asked said that I could no longer get work experience with them because I was no longer a student (this was news to me as I wasn’t going to graduate untill September)

I also had the problem that I had to move back in with my parents (away from all animation companies) because I had spent all of my money and didn’t have a job. So I have now got a full time job as an Deputy Manager at a petrol station. This I have to stress is only temporary, as I just want to pay off my overdraft save up and make the move to Bristol/Manchester, where ever I can get work in the industry.

I am now thinking that I will be where I want to be eventually and I am going to have an adventure trying to get there. I think when I start sending my stuff out again I will be applying to anything that I feel comfortable doing. I may have to start off at the bottom making the teas, but if that what it takes its a lot less stressfull than most jobs.

The final degree show.


This is the set I worked on with John-lynton Bryan on display in the show.


‘Heart Strings’ by Rhiannon Evans which won Newports best animated film award 2009.

Take a sneak peek here


Joel Mark Calvert’s anatomically correct puppet for his final film ‘Noah’ more of Joels  photos here


One of my set’s for my short film ‘Forgotten’


My wall of stuff for the show.

Some designs that I have done for the animation degree show.


flyer 1

this way copy

Untitled-1 copy

For Daniel Brains film The Good the Bad and the Bogey I created some colour concepts.



These were the first two concepts that I came up with. I then was given the following bedroom scene to match the colour scheme to:

untitled-11 Image by Daniel Brain



So to try and make the colours match this scene better I created these. The second of the two I think is a better match.



I drew parts of the animation. Mainly a walk cycle of the main character walking from the front door to the stairs.

Animated titles that I made for the Good the Bad and the Bogey,titleslongWhy does this gif not move?

One of my side projects that I worked on was a documentary project.  For this project I created 3 props,

Headphones made out of card, they had a wire inserted around them so that they could be put on the head and they would not have to be glued.

An Ipod

dsc00018 dsc00017

and a paper cup.

Here is a still from the film where you can see all three in place,


Here is the finished film